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30 Day Gallon Water Challenge Review

30 Day Gallon Water Challenge Review

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” -W.H Auden

Hi everyone! If you didn’t already know I decided to start the 30 Day Gallon Water Challenge on March 17th (if you haven’t seen that post, check it out here!). It has now been 30 days so I am writing my 30 Day Gallon Water Challenge Review! Let’s just get right into it.

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way and all opinions and ideas are my own.

30 Day Gallon Water Challenge REVIEW

Can I just start by saying I am SO GLAD these 30 days are over. My bladder will be so thankful and I am beyond excited to go back to peeing a normal amount of times. Before this challenge I almost never woke up in the middle of the night to pee. Well that’s impossible to do when you’re drinking a gallon of water a day. I’m pretty sure my coworkers started getting concerned as well.

Don’t get me wrong though, there were also a lot of benefits from this challenge. However, I believe that you could receive these benefits with a normal amount of water every day. I am going to aim for half a gallon of water each day and I think that will be a perfect amount. Not an excessive amount of peeing yet still fully hydrated.

Changes I Noticed

  • Huge increase in amount of times peeing per day

This one was obvious yet still very annoying. I knew I would pee a lot more, but I didn’t know it would be this excessive. Very inconvenient.

  • Better sleep?/More Energy

I can’t necessarily say I got better sleep because I had to get up in the middle of the night at least once a night to pee. However, I did feel much more energized in the morning and throughout the day!

  • Clearer Skin

I was blessed with pretty good skin, but I do have texture bumps on my face, arms, and legs. I also struggle with blackheads. Throughout this challenge I didn’t change my skin care at all, but I definitely noticed an improvement in my skin! The texture bumps were smaller and fewer in number and the blackheads also diminished in number.

  • Decreased appetite

I’ve heard before that many times when you think you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty. Apparently your body gets the same sort of feeling for both thirst and hunger. That could be a lie, but I remember hearing that. Either way during this challenge I was hungry way less often throughout the day. Diet tip: drink a lot of water.

  • Bloating

This was expected and I was not surprised what so ever. Drinking a gallon of water a day really adds on some water weight, obviously.

Final Thoughts

I highly doubt I will ever do this challenge again. It did teach me how important water is for our bodies and how much it can actually affect. From now on I will be aiming to drink at least a half-gallon of water a day. I think that it a good amount to aim for in order to get less of the bad side effects.

Overall Lesson Learned: Drink lots of water, but not a gallon a day.


Let me know if you tried the 30 Day Gallon Water Challenge and what your thoughts were!

Here is a picture of the schedule I used during this challenge. I had a 24 oz. water bottle.

Gallon Water Challenge Review

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30 Day Fitness Challenge: Bikini Body Workout

30 Day Fitness Challenge: Bikini Body Workout

It’s time for another 30 Day Challenge. This time I am doing my Bikini Body Workout Challenge to start getting ready for summer! This challenge consists of squats, lunges, crunches, and a plank.

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way. All opinions and ideas are my own.

30 Day Fitness Challenge: Bikini Body Workout

  • Day 1: 15 Squats, 10 Lunges, 5 Crunches, 10 Second Plank

  • Day 2: 20 Squats, 10 Lunges, 8 Crunches, 12 Second Plank

  • Day 3: 20 Squats, 15 Lunges, 10 Crunches, 15 Second Plank

  • Day 4: 25 Squats, 15 Lunges, 12 Crunches, 20 Second Plank

  • Day 5: 30 Squats, 20 Lunges, 15 Crunches, 25 Second Plank

  • Day 6: REST DAY

  • Day 7: 35 Squats, 20 Lunges, 20 Crunches, 30 Second Plank

  • Day 8: 35 Squats, 25 Lunges, 30 Crunches, 38 Second Plank

  • Day 9: 35 Squats, 25 Lunges, 50 Crunches, 38 Second Plank

  • Day 10: 40 Squats, 30 Lunges, 65 Crunches, 42 Second Plank

  • Day 11: 40 Squats, 30 Lunges, 75 Crunches, 50 Second Plank

  • Day 12: 45 Squats, 30 Lunges, 75 Crunches, 50 Second Plank

  • Day 13: REST DAY

  • Day 14: 50 Squats, 35 Lunges, 85 Crunches, 55 Second Plank

  • Day 15: 50 Squats, 40 Lunges, 95 Crunches, 60 Second Plank

  • Day 16: 55 Squats, 40 Lunges, 100 Crunches, 65 Second Plank

  • Day 17: 55 Squats, 40 Lunges, 100 Crunches, 70 Second Plank

  • Day 18: 55 Squats, 45 Lunges, 110 Crunches, 70 Second Plank

  • Day 19: 60 Squats, 45 Lunges, 120 Crunches, 75 Second Plank

  • Day 20: REST DAY

  • Day 21: 65 Squats, 50 Lunges, 130 Crunches, 80 Second Plank

  • Day 22: 65 Squats, 50 Lunges, 140 Crunches, 85 Second Plank

  • Day 23: 65 Squats, 55 Lunges, 150 Crunches, 90 Second Plank

  • Day 24: 70 Squats, 55 Lunges, 160 Crunches, 95 Second Plank

  • Day 25: 70 Squats, 60 Lunges, 170 Crunches, 100 Second Plank

  • Day 26: 70 Squats, 50 Lunges, 175 Crunches, 100 Second Plank

  • Day 27: REST DAY

  • Day 28: 75 Squats, 65 Lunges, 180 Crunches, 110 Second Plank

  • Day 29: 80 Squats, 70 Lunges, 190 Crunches, 115 Second Plank

  • Day 30: 90 Squats, 70 Lunges, 200 Crunches, 120 Second Plank


Let me know if you tried this 30 Day Fitness Challenge: Bikini Body Workout and what you thought of it!


*Also if you liked this challenge, make sure to check out my 30 Day Fitness Challenge: Abs and Arms Edition!


Bikini Body Workout

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30 Day Challenge Check Up

30 Day Challenge Check Up

If you don’t already know, I started a 30 Day Fitness Challenge on March 1st!

This challenge focuses on arms and abs. I would say that it is a great fitness challenge for beginners or someone wanting to get back into a healthier lifestyle. Personally I haven’t worked out in over a year and I want to get back to working out 3-5 times a week.

30 Day Fitness Challenge Checkup

I am currently halfway done!! Whoo-Hoo!! Which means it is time for my halfway challenge checkup!

I have been loving this challenge because it is so easy to find time in my day to quickly complete my daily task. It was difficult reaching the daily number at first, but it has been getting easier. Even though I am doing more reps each day, they are easier to complete.

I have noticed a small change in the tone of my muscles in my core and arms. I never expected a huge outcome from this challenge, but I am super happy with the current results.

Today’s workout is 73 crunches and 43 push ups! In the beginning those numbers would have been impossible for me to do!

If you have not yet started this challenge, but you plan to… I have a few tips. Before you begin see how many crunches and push ups you can do! Push yourself! If you can do a lot more than this challenge calls for then change your numbers. If not then watch how quickly you progress! Also I recommend stretching in the morning when you wake up, before you do your workout, and before you go to bed. Stretching does miracles!

Wish me luck on the rest of the challenge and check back in the end of March for a review on the entire challenge!


If you do this challenge let me know your thoughts and results!

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8 Fitspirational Quotes to Help you Stay Motivated to Workout & Stay Healthy!

8 Fitspirational Quotes to Help you Stay Motivated to Workout & Stay Healthy!

There are so many challenges that pop up while trying to transition to a healthier lifestyle. First you need the determination to BEGIN. Once you’ve started, you need to find reasons to CONTINUE! Continue to workout, eat healthy, and take better care of yourself. These 8 FITspirational Quotes are some of my favorite reminders as to why I started and why I should keep going!

What helps you stay motivated to live a healthy lifestyle?

*Disclaimer: These are not my quotes. This post is not sponsored in any way.

FITspirational Quotes

  1. “You can never expect to succeed if you only put in work on days you feel like it.”

  2. “Be a BADASS with a GOOD ASS.”

  3. “The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.”

  4. “The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do.”

  5. “Slow progress is better than no progress.”

  6. “Making excuses burns ZERO calories per hour.”

  7. “Wake up. Work out. Kick ass. Repeat.”

  8. “The hardest lift of all is lifting your butt off the couch.”

I recently started a 30-Day Fitness Challenge and these quotes have helped a ton! Whenever you are feeling unmotivated, stop and think to yourself about the reasons you started. Results won’t appear immediately, but once they do you will understand why it is worth it. Living a healthy lifestyle makes you feel so much better on a daily basis and is such a good habit to get in to! Even if you have to start out with small changes, anything is better than nothing. Start TODAY, it will never be the “right time” so just get up and do it! You are the only one standing in the way of a better life for you. Trust me, your future self will thank you!

I’d love to hear your quotes or tips on staying motivated to live a healthier life!

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30 Day Fitness Challenge: Abs & Arms

30 Day Fitness Challenge: Abs & Arms

I want to start doing a new fitness challenge every month. For the month of March I am going to do a 30 Day fitness challenge for abs and arms!

30 Day Fitness Challenge: Crunches Pushups

  • Day 1: 30 Crunches & 15 Pushups
  • Day 2: 33 Crunches & 16 Pushups
  • Day 3: 37 Crunches & 17 Pushups
  • Day 4: 40 Crunches & 18 Pushups
  • Day 5: REST DAY
  • Day 6: 43 Crunches & 20 Pushups
  • Day 7: 47 Crunches & 23 Pushups
  • Day 8: 50 Crunches & 25 Pushups
  • Day 9: 53 Crunches & 27 Pushups 
  • Day 10: 57 Crunches & 32 Pushups
  • Day 11: 62 Crunches & 35 Pushups
  • Day 12: REST DAY
  • Day 13: 65 Crunches & 38 Pushups
  • Day 14: 68 Crunches & 40 Pushups
  • Day 15: 73 Crunches & 43 Pushups
  • Day 16: 77 Crunches & 45 Pushups
  • Day 17: 80 Crunches & 47 Pushups
  • Day 18: 85 Crunches & 50 Pushups
  • Day 19: REST DAY
  • Day 20: 90 Crunches & 53 Pushups
  • Day 21: 100 Crunches & 55 Pushups
  • Day 22: 105 Crunches & 57 Pushups
  • Day 23: 110 Crunches & 60 Pushups
  • Day 24: 115 Crunches & 62 Pushups
  • Day 25: 120 Crunches & 65 Pushups
  • Day 26: REST DAY
  • Day 27: 130 Crunches & 68 Pushups
  • Day 28: 140 Crunches & 70 Pushups
  • Day 29: 145 Crunches & 73 Pushups
  • Day 30: 150 Crunches & 75 Pushups

I will do an update halfway through and another one at the end, along with periodic updates on my Twitter. I would love to know if any of you plan to do this fitness challenge as well, beginning today, March 1st, 2017.

Also if anyone has any 30-Day Challenges to recommend, please let me know!

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Monthly Favorites {February 2017}

Monthly Favorites {February 2017}

I know February is a short month, but it still went by really fast! It was a great month, but I am ready for Spring! I just made my Spring Wish List because this weather is amazing! I know we still have some winter left, but I’m sooo over it. So here we are, my February 2017 Monthly Favorites!

My favorites don’t always change every month, but I will keep you updated on which ones do! Some months there will be different categories than other months. Here are my February 2017 Monthly Favorites of makeup, entertainment, food, quotes, and other random things.

Check out my January 2017 favorites as well!

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way and all opinions are my own.

February 2017 Monthly Favorites: Makeup

I didn’t branch out with my use of different makeup very much this month. I’ve been really busy and just haven’t had the time to experiment. However, I have been LOVING two products that I got from my January Ipsy!

Temptu Base Smooth & Matte Primer: My favorite primer to this day! It has an amazing consistency that feels light and hydrating. It absorbs into my skin quickly and does an incredible job keeping my makeup in place all day long. I also tried it as an eye primer, which failed, but it’s a great face primer. Highly recommend!

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Anti-Aging Concealer: The only thing I’m sad about with this product is that I only got a sample size and it’s almost gone. I’ve been savoring it, but I think I am going to have to get a full size. I struggle with dark circles and this stuff makes my under eyes look so awake and bright!

February 2017 Monthly Favorites: Youtubers

I didn’t spend as much time this month watching Youtube because like I said, I had a very busy month. However, when I had time I was obsessing over these three a lot in February!

Zoella: I’ve loved her from the first video of her’s I saw. She is so genuine and comes off as a huge sweetheart. She is hilarious and very entertaining to watch. Her and Alfie are the cutest and I love their content! The one complaint I have is that her videos are always so long. Some people love that, but I always have so many videos that I want to watch. So I don’t want to spend a half an hour on one video, but its worth it for Zoella

PointlessBlogVlogs: Alfie’s vlogging ability is SO GOOD! He is hilarious, inspiring, and always honest with his viewers. I’ve also been loving his game challenge because him and Zoella are currently playing Sims together!

Hayley Paige: This isn’t anything new. I have been loving Hayley Paige on youtube and her blog. She is a new mom and makes really honest and cute videos! Her and her husband are so amazing and inspiring.

February 2017 Monthly Favorites: Apps

MyFitnessPal: This is a calorie counter/exercise tracker. You enter how much water you’ve drank, what you eat for each meal/snack, and any exercise you do through out the day. I’ve used this app in the past multiple times and I love it every time, but I can never stick to it. It always makes me more aware of what I am putting into my body on a daily basis, which I love!

AllRecipes: I recently discovered this app and fell in love! It is like a Pinterest just for recipes! You can even enter what ingredients you have and it will find you recipe options. Highly recommend this to anyone who likes to cook/bake.

Pokemon Go: They just released Gen 2 so of course I have been playing a lot! It’s still too cold to go for walks while I play, but I am looking forward to that day.

February 2017 Monthly Favorites: Food

I haven’t been loving any specific recipes this month because once again (last time I swear) I haven’t had a lot of extra time so I haven’t been cooking much. With that said, I have been loving oatmeal, yogurt parfait, and fruit of all kinds. Strawberries, blueberries, bananas, oranges, apples, and kiwis! YUM!

February 2017 Monthly Favorites: TV Shows


The 100: Obsessed since I’ve seen the first episode. The season this year so far isn’t the best, but I have high hopes! I love the story, characters, everything. Seriously go watch this show.

Scandal: I started watching Scandal my senior year of high school. I’m currently behind a season because last year I had a class Thursday nights and I just didn’t keep up with it. Now my mom is watching it so I’m trying to catch up right now. If you are interested in politics or government at all then you will love this show. Olivia Pope is a badass!

Grey’s Anatomy: This show is everything. I started binge watching my freshman year of college and I finished all of the seasons way too fast. Most of my favorite characters are no longer on the show, but I still love it. The characters are amazing and there is always something huge happening!

February 2017 Monthly Favorites: Movies

Finding Dory: I finally saw this movie (because it’s on Netflix already!) and it was everything I wanted it to be and more. Finding Nemo was one of my favorites so I had high expectations for Finding Dory. Pixar did a fantastic job.

February 2017 Monthly Favorites: Quotes

No matter how serious life gets, you will constantly need those people you can be completely stupid with.

If you can DREAM it, you can DO it.


Let me know what you have been loving for the month of February 2017!

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Winter Health && Beauty Tips: My Top 5

Winter Health && Beauty Tips: My Top 5

Winter time takes a huge toll on our mental and physical health! I came up with my top 5 winter health and beauty tips that I use to survive and thrive during the long winter months.

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way and all opinions are my own.

Winter Health and Beauty Tips #1: Moisturizers are your Best Friend

Seriously use lotion on everything,! Due to the dry winter air, your skin and hair will be dryer than normal. Moisturize your legs, face, arms, hands, lips, hair, feet, and anything else you can!

My Favorite Products to Use:

Winter Health and Beauty Tips #2: Sore throats? Natural Remedies!

Sore throats are so common in the winter time and they are so annoying. However, there are so many different foods to eat to help soothe and make your sore throat, well, not sore. In addition to fixing your sore throat, they are all very healthy for you to eat anyways. It’s really a win-win!

  • Tea (Lemon is my favorite)
  • Honey (put it in your tea)
  • Ice Cream (as if we need an excuse to eat some)
  • Bananas! (You should eat these everyday no matter what)
  • Cooked Carrots (I don’t like my carrots cooked, but this really does work)
  • Cooked Cabbage (I know it doesn’t taste the best, but it is worth it)

Winter Health and Beauty Tips #3: Watch your water!

  • First of all ALWAYS: Hydrate! I’m sure you hear this all the time, but it’s for a good reason! Water does miracles for your hair, skin, health, and body. Just drink it, all day long! Get yourself a good water bottle (my favorite) and take it with you everywhere!
  • Avoid hot water on your skin and hair! I literally suck at this and I always will. I LOVE steaming hot showers and I’m not giving them up. As a result, I have dry hair and skin. However, I try to end my shower with cold water, for a short time. If you can, avoid hot water. It dries out your skin and hair which we definitely don’t want!

Winter Health and Beauty Tips #4: Stay social and active!

Once again, I suck at this one in the winter time. It’s cold out and I just want to stay inside with my robe and slippers where it is cozy and warm. Don’t do this though. You need to continue to do activities with friends and family so you don’t fall into a slump. It is very common in Winter and sometimes uncontrollable, but planning weekly activities is a great way to try to avoid the winter blues.

  • Plan a girls/guys night
  • Go out for coffee or a meal with friends
  • Join a weekly activity in your community
  • Volunteer your time
  • Meet up with a friend once a week to try to learn a new hobby
  • Have dinner at your (parents, grandparents, friends, etc.) house once a week

Winter Health and Beauty Tips #5: Set weekly or daily goals

Finally, the last of my winter health and beauty tips. I recently started doing this one and it makes a huge difference on my overall mental health! Having a goal that you are working towards daily and weekly helps you stay motivated and stay on task. It helps my mind feel less distracted and stressed. Instead of thinking about every little thing that I need to do, I write it all down, and focus on my overall goal of the day and week. I also have larger goals for the month, year, and next 5 years. These goals may change and that’s okay! Most of all just make sure you are working towards something bigger, one day at a time!


What tips do you have for surviving and thriving in the Winter Time? I love trying new winter health and beauty tips! Also let me know if you try out any of the above tips and what you thought!

Winter Health and Beauty Tips

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10 Morning Time Tips to Have a Fantastic Day

10 Morning Time Tips to Have a Fantastic Day

Having a fantastic day begins with having a fantastic morning so I use these simple morning time tips to achieve that! I’ve never been a morning person, but I’ve slowly become better at having great mornings! After spending hours of time researching tips and months of trying to perfect my morning routine, I have finally come close to loving mornings. One day I hope to be a “morning person” and I think these simple morning time tips will help me get there!

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way and all opinions are my own.

10 Simple Morning Time Tips to Have a Fantastic Day!

1. Get Ready the Night Before

The first of my simple morning time tips is such a huge time saver because you have so much less to do in the morning! At night you should pick out your clothes, get your coffee ready to brew, and plan out your breakfast (or have fast and easy options available). Do anything else you can that will save you a little extra time in the morning then you will have more time for yourself.

2. Don’t Use Snooze

I am so guilty of this one! Hitting your snooze button actually makes you more tired because it allows your body to go back to sleep for only minutes before being woken up again. It is such a bad habit to break. My best advice is to set your phone on the other side of the room. Once you are out of bed, it is easier to stay up.

3. Lemon Water

First thing you should do when you wake up (after putting on your robe and slippers) is to go drink a glass of lemon water! It is so good for your first thing in the morning and allows your metabolism to get kick started. Warm lemon water has more benefits than cold, but I love a glass of cold water in the morning (then straight to my coffee). You can make it really easy by having lemon slices ready in the fridge and it has now become a habit.

4. Change your Phone Background

What do you do when you first wake up? If you’re anything like me, you check your phone. I love having an inspiring quote as my phone background because it is such a positive thing to start your day with. I change out my quote/picture pretty often.

Another thing you could do instead of this is find an app that sends you an inspiring daily quote or daily bible verse. Set it so that they send it to you in the middle of the night, that way when you wake up in the morning it will be waiting on your phone screen.

5. Wake up Earlier

This may not seem like a tip that will make your morning better, but it does! (At least it does for me)… I LOVE taking my sweet, sweet time while I get ready in the morning. The more amount of time I have to spend at home, getting things done and preparing for the day, the better I feel. I HATE feeling rushed, it stresses me out so much. Waking up earlier is the perfect solution. Like I said before, I am NOT a morning person at all, but my body is slowly adjusting. Start with waking up 15 minutes earlier then add more and more time until you’re at your desired time.

6. Eat Breakfast

Just do it. Every single day. Eat your breakfast! And do it within an hour of waking up, but AFTER your lemon water! Something light and healthy is perfect for early mornings especially if you have a hard time eating right after you wake up. You don’t need to eat a huge breakfast first thing in the morning, but make sure you get some food in your belly. Then you can have a more filling breakfast a little later on. If you don’t have enough time to make breakfast in the morning check out these 3 super quick options you can have ready ahead of time!

7. Stretch

I underestimated how much stretching or having a small workout in the morning can really help you feel energized all day! If you don’t have a lot of time, at least take some time to do some stretches. It’ll get your blood pumping and get you ready to take on the day. If you have extra time do any kind of workout and I promise you’ll feel so much better.

8. Fresh Air is your Best Friend

I LOVE to take my coffee and breakfast out onto the porch! Its relaxing and the crisp morning air makes me so happy while simultaneously waking me up (maybe that’s the coffee). It’s currently winter and very cold where I live so I am looking forward to the day where I can do this again!

9. Listen to Something While you Get Ready

Most people already do this and it’s for a good reason! I love either listening to upbeat music or a funny podcast while I get ready. It brightens up my mood and fills me with more energy (again that might just be the coffee). If you have a long car ride, that is also a great time to jam out!

10. Have Something to Look Forward to Every Day

The last of my 10 simple morning time tips is a great one and helps not only your morning, but your entire day. While you are enjoying your quick breakfast, cup of coffee, upbeat music, and fresh air; think to yourself about something happening today that you are looking forward to. No matter how small, think of something. Write it down and remind yourself of it throughout the day. It could be what you are having for supper tonight, a TV show coming on, or plans you have after work/school. Find something, anything that you can look forward to in order to help you get through the day.


What are your simple morning time tips that help you? I’d LOVE to try them out  (I really need the help)!

simple morning time tips

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Monthly Favorites {January 2017}

Monthly Favorites {January 2017}

My favorites don’t always change every month, but I will keep you updated on which ones do! Some months there will be different categories than other months. Here are my January 2017 Monthly Favorites of makeup, hair care, skin care, outfits, entertainment, food, quotes, and other random things.

Check out my December 2016 favorites as well!

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way and all opinions are my own.

January 2017 Monthly Favorites: Makeup

Banana Setting Powder by Bella Pierre: I received this powder a few months ago in Ipsy and I love it! It is by far my favorite powder ever and I need to start searching for ones that are similar. It does everything I want and more. I wasn’t sure if I would like the loose powder, but I definitely do!

Mini Highlight Stick by Trestique: This is the perfect highlighter if you’re looking for a more natural look. I wear it on a daily basis to work and love it. It has such a beautiful glow, but isn’t anything too dramatic.

The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara by Maybelline: I have a love/hate with this mascara. I love it when I first apply it and you can easily add more coats. However, it does not last very long at all. I am reapplying it multiple times throughout the day and have been getting irritated lately. I’m just not sure if it is worth it, but for the month of January it has been my go to everyday!

January 2017 Monthly Favorites: TV Shows

I haven’t been watching very much tv this month (which is weird for me). But a ton of my favorites are staring up within the next few weeks and I am so excited!

Troll Hunters: I discovered this show on Netflix and I am so sad that there is only one season! It is an animated children’s show, but I really enjoy it. I normally put it on at night before I go to sleep.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: This has been a favorite for awhile. I used to watch it all the time then took a break. Now I guess I’m back to watching it all the time again. I hated it at first, but now I’m obsessed. Highly recommend you give it a chance with an open mind!

January 2017 Monthly Favorites: Food

Sadly there has been a lot going on this month and I wasn’t able to cook very often. I hope that will change in February!

Yogurt: This one is simple, but has been such a life saver! I love yogurt and its perfect for a quick breakfast or even for one on the go! Plus its healthy and delicious! Strawberry is by far my favorite flavor!

Chicken Alfredo: I think I finally found a recipe that I love!! Chicken Alfredo is one of my favorites so I have tried many different variations before I found my favorite! Let me know if you would like me to do a post on my favorite recipe for it!

Sunflower Seeds: I have been addicted to these again this month! My boyfriend and I eat them instead of popcorn or chips. Its a little bit of a healthier option. But we end up eating so many at a time haha! Personally I just like the normal salted kind.

January 2017 Monthly Favorites: Podcasts

NPR Politics: This has been my favorite podcast for over a year now and has helped me keep up-to-date on all of the crazy things happening in politics. I highly recommend it and I listen to it all the time!

CodeSwitch: This podcast is also made by NPR and it is so amazing! It is so eye opening and informing and I wish I would have found it sooner. I recommend it to everyone especially if you are interested in learning more about race and identity!

Stuff Mom Never Told You: This podcast always entertains me and teaches me something new! I wish I would’ve found this wayyyy earlier, but glad I did now! It is the perfect podcast for feminists or really anyone interested in gender today in America. They have podcasts on so many topics surrounding women. Plus the two women who make it are hilarious, intelligent, and honest!

January 2017 Monthly Favorites: Youtubers

Hayley Paige: I have been obsessed with Hayley Paige since I discovered her in November. Her videos are so genuine and I absolutely love it. She recently had her first child so many of her videos have been about pregnancy and newborns. I’m not planning on having children anytime soon, but I still enjoy her videos and I’m not entirely sure why. Highly recommend her!

Sarah Nourse: Sarah is an American who now lives in Berlin with her Swedish (this could be wrong) husband. They are living a minimal lifestyle and are the most positive and inspiring people I have found on youtube. Their challenge is all about going for your dreams and your goals no matter what! It motivates me every time I watch one of their videos!

LoveMeg: LoveMeg is a mom of two living in the south. She seems like such a sweetheart and she is literal #momgoals! She has a lot of cleaning and organization videos and I am obsessed!

Julien Solomita: I discovered Julien through Jenna Marbles awhile ago, but just started recently watching him often. He is a EXCELLENT vlogger and I typically don’t follow just vloggers. He is hilarious and has AMAZING skills when it comes to filmmaking. #filmmakinggoals

January 2017 Monthly Favorites: Skin/Hair Care

Tarte Maracuja Oil: I received this in my December 2016 Ipsy and I have loved it ever since! It has a bit of a weird smell so I use it at night before I go to bed. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth. I barely use any each time so it will last me quite awhile, but I will be sad when it is gone. It may have to be one I repurchase.

The Perfect Lip Scrub: I wrote an entire post on this super easy DIY lip scrub and you need it in your life! It’s perfect during the winter when the air is so dry (at least where I live). It leaves your lips feeling so smooth and soft! Just do it!

January 2017 Monthly Favorites: Apps

Duolingo: This has been a favorite of mine for quite awhile and will continue to be. It allows me to keep myself practicing Spanish when I’m not taking a class for it. Highly recommend it as a supplement to learning a language!

All Recipies: This app is so amazing and I didn’t realize it existed. You are able to save recipes and it has been a lifesaver. When I don’t know what to make I just scroll through some of my favorite recipes on there!

Bloglovin’: Why didn’t someone tell me about Bloglovin’ sooner?!? I am constantly on this app reading new posts and discovering new bloggers!

January 2017 Monthly Favorites: Quotes

“Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do”     This quote helped me a ton this past month. I have so many amazing plans for later in the year, but right now I have to continue hustling in order to make them possible.

Earlier in the month I posted “17 Quotes to Help you Start your Day” and here are a few of my favorite out of those!

“Wake up. Kick Ass. Be Kind. Repeat.”

“All things are possible with coffee and mascara.”

“When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.”

“Make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, no matter how difficult, no matter how unfair, you will do more than simply survive. You will thrive in spite of it all.”

January 2017 Monthly Favorites: Blogs

Daily Dose of Darling: Also known as Hayley Paige Blogs. Her content is so useful and relatable. She is so talented at what she does and is such a genuine person (from what I can tell).

Amy Lynn Andrews: I just recently discovered her and have already learned so much! She has so many posts on blogging and social media. She has a ton of experience and some amazing advice. I barely know her and already have so much trust in her opinion!

Believe in a Budget: Her name says everything you need to know. If you want tips on budgeting and all things money, follow her blog!

January 2017 Monthly Favorites: Video Games

Skyrim: This game is so addicting! I normally don’t have time to play, but this month I have been putting aside time for it (maybe a little too much). Honestly I could play this game all day long.

Clash of Clans: I played this game a lot over the summer and then didn’t play for months. I started playing again a few weeks ago and have been addicted again. I play it for a little bit everyday and I have a ton of friends play too which makes it 10x better. (BTW its an app!)


I’d love to hear what some of your January 2017 Monthly Favorites are!

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Beating the Dry Winter Air: DIY Lip Scrub

Beating the Dry Winter Air: DIY Lip Scrub

I personally live where the winter air is very very dry right now and this easy and cheap DIY lip scrub has been a life saver (or a lip saver). My lips become chapped so quickly no matter how much chap stick I use. I have used a few different lip scrubs in the past, but none of them compare to this easy and cheap homemade lip scrub. You can make it any flavor or color so it is perfect for gifts too! I’d love to know if you give this a try and what you thought!

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way and all opinions are my own.

Ingredients You Need for a DIY Lip Scrub

  • 1 Tablespoon sugar
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Olive Oil
  • Vanilla Extract (Optional)
  • Food Coloring (Optional)
  • Small Jar or Container
  • Tarte Maracuja Oil (Optional)

The vanilla extract is for flavor so you do not need to add this. You can also use different kinds of extracts to get different flavors.

DIY Lip Scrub food coloring

The food coloring is only to make our DIY lip scrub prettier, but it is not necessary. I used neon food coloring and was a little disappointed with the end colors.

I have been loving Tarte Maracuja Oil that I received in my December Ispy and I talk all about it in my January Favorites! You can add your favorite oil as well, I just suggest using a little less olive oil if you do. In the end there should be a total of 1/2 Tsp oil.

DIY Lip Scrub Instructions

First of all you just add all of your ingredients together, stir really well, and place the final result in your jar or container.

Rub the scrub onto your clean, dry lips for about 30 seconds.

Finally you can rinse your lips off and you’re done! In addition to the DIY Lip Scrub, wearing chap stick after and throughout the day will help keep your lips smooth!


*Other good ingredients to use in addition or in replacement are brown sugar, honey, or coconut oil.


I do this DIY lip scrub about 2-3 times a week depending on how dry my lips are. What are your tips to getting rid of dry lips?

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Monthly Favorites {December 2016}

Monthly Favorites {December 2016}

My favorites don’t always change every month, but I will keep you updated on which ones do! Some months there will be different categories than other months. I will talk about my December 2016 Monthly Favorites of makeup, hair care, skin care, outfits, entertainment, food, quotes, and other random things.

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way and all opinions are my own.

December 2016 Monthly Favorites: Music

This month I’ve pretty much been exclusively listening to Christmas music.

  • Glee Christmas
  • Pentatonix (My all time favorite for Christmas Music)
  • Any Christmas Movie tunes

December 2016 Monthly Favorites: Youtubers

I love discovering new youtubers and in December I found several that I have since become obsessed with!

  • Hayley Paige – She is a beauty/fashion blogger and youtuber and is also a new mom! Her videos are so genuine and she is so enjoyable to watch!
  • Kayln Nicholson – She is also a beauty/fashion/lifestyle youtuber. She is a vegan and lives a very healthy lifestyle and almost always has such a positive outlook on life. She is literal goals and I love all of her videos!
  • MissRemiAshten – Remi is a lifestyle youtuber living in LA and I can’t believe it took me this long to discover her channel. She is hilarious and such a sweetheart. Her vlogs are especially something I love watching!

December 2016 Monthly Favorites: Blogs

December was an extremely busy month for me so I didn’t spend very much time reading blogs. However Hayley Paige has a blog and I have been obsessed with it!

  • This blog is created by Hayley Paige and I love reading her posts. The aesthetic of her website is so feminine and calming! She usually has posts about fashion and beauty, but as a recent new mom she now has many posts surrounding little Annabelle as well. I highly recommend checking out her blog!

December 2016 Monthly Favorites: Apps

I am always looking for new apps to entertain me or make my life easier! Besides the obvious (social media) here are my favorite new apps that I discovered in December!

  • Amateur Surgeon 4 – This game is hilarious and fun! Its kind of like a strategy game, but doesn’t involve very much thinking. The games are short so it doesn’t require a lot of time commitment. It also isn’t a game that expects you to log on multiple times a day (I try to avoid those as they tend to take over my life).
  • Duolingo – I started learning Spanish through college and Duolingo has been such a huge help! It gives me extra practice and I am able to compete with my friends as well. They have a ton of different languages on there! I don’t recommend it by itself to learn a language, but it is a great additional tool.
  • Quizlet – This is a site where you can create flashcards! It has been a huge help to me through out college and I recommend it to everyone in school. They also have an app so you can practice on the go while you have a little downtime.
  • Pocket Points – I also recommend this app to everyone in college! While you are in class, turn this app on, and lock your phone. You earn points for being off of your phone during class time. You can then use the points to get huge discounts at select stores (online and local) and sometimes even free products!

December 2016 Monthly Favorites: Makeup Products

  • Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser – I have been loving this affordable primer from Maybelline! I have mainly oily skin and large pores and this does such a good job!
  • Naked Palette – A little bit of a throwback, but I have been using this palette on a daily basis this month! Loving the colors!

December 2016 Monthly Favorites: Skin/Hair Care

  • Cetaphil Lotion – This lotion is so affordable and does such a great job. I used to use it and stopped for a while. Started using it again recently and I don’t know why I ever stopped!
  • Not Your Mother’s Leave in Conditioner – I have tried to many leave in conditioners and this is my favorite so far! It leaves my hair feeling so soft and smells amazing!
  • Organix Moroccan Oil – This oil is inexpensive and lasts forever! It has done absolute wonders for my hair and split ends, especially during the dry winter!

December 2016 Monthly Favorites: Food/Drinks

  • Egg, Ham, and Cheese on Toast – This has been a go to for me in the morning. Easy, quick, and pretty healthy!
  • Homemade Chili – I love soup and homemade chili is perfect in the winter time! I found a recipe I love, let me know if you would like me to share it with you!
  • Easy Berry Smoothie (Recipe coming soon) – I LOVE smoothies, especially if they are cheap and easy to make. I often don’t have time for breakfast so this is perfect for on the go!

December 2016 Monthly Favorites: Quotes

  • “Find something that makes you happy and use it to make others happy!” – This quote has been one of my favorites for the last couple years, but it continued to pop up in my mind a lot during December while I made some tough decisions. I try to live by this quote everyday!
  • Matthew 6:34 ” Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” – I made a lot of life changing decisions this month and many caused a lot of unknown for my future. When I read this verse, it makes me feel so much better.

December 2016 Monthly Favorites: Podcasts

  • NPR Politics – NPR helped me stay sane through out this crazy election. They kept me informed on all of the new things happening and they were easy and fun to listen to. HIGHLY recommend them!
  • Grownups read things they wrote as kids – This is the funniest podcast I have found so far! Constantly laughing out loud while I listen to this.

December 2016 Monthly Favorites: TV Shows & Movies

  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – This show was hard for me to watch at first, but now I love it. It is weird and sometimes insulting, but I like watching it when I want a laugh.
  • Gilmore Girls – I finally started watching this series and I’m obsessed! It’s the perfect show to have on in the background while I do a little work.
  • Once Upon A Time – This show is so good! It’s definitely one that you need to pay attention to so I only put it on when I’m not doing anything else. I love it!

What were some of your December 2016 Monthly Favorites?


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