Thankful Thursday Week 6

Thankful Thursday Week 6: May 1st-May 7th {Plus Daily Lessons Learned}

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“A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart”

Thankful Thursday Week 6 is here! This was an interesting week for me. I have been feeling defeated and exhausted lately so I used this week to refuel. I had many lazy nights and a lot of personal care, mental and physical. My life feels so hectic right now so I really want to use the rest of May to get organized. I feel like my To-do list is never-ending, which makes me feel defeated before I even start. Thankful Thursday Week 6 wasn’t a bad week, but I am hoping that Week 7 is more productive and fulfilling.

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Thankful Thursday Week 6

Monday, May 1st, 2017

Today I am thankful for bath time. I was never a bath person when I was younger, but for the past two years I have become OBSESSED. I haven’t had the time to take a bath in the last couple months so today I decided I was going to make the time. Baths are so relaxing and I LOVE having that me time for a little while.

Lesson Learned: Life is too short to not do things that you love. Make time to do things that help you feel relaxed and happy. Balance is key! I have been learning this a lot lately and it is so important. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sometimes we need to slow down and take a breath.

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Today I am thankful for unproductive nights. Sometimes you need a night where you don’t get anything on your to do list done. Tonight was that kind of night for me after I got home from work and it was great. My boyfriend and I got together with a couple of friends and just hung out. I had a pile of dishes, nothing planned for supper, and a mound of dirty laundry. I’ll probably take care of all of that tonight. Normally I HATE wasting time, but tonight was carefree and very needed.

Lesson Learned: Being productive and accomplishing things off your to do list is so rewarding. It is also a necessity to achieve your dreams and continue functioning every day. However you have to give yourself a break once in a while. I know I had a relaxing day yesterday in the bath, but I still did a lot of work. So today I decided I needed a day off from my blog and any personal to dos. And guess what. My life is still functioning the same!

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

Today I am thankful for family visits. (Quick warning now, this may also be what I am thankful for on Sunday. But oh well.) My parents and two of their dogs stopped by to visit me after work today. I got to show them all of the progress in the yard and my mom brought over a ton of flower seeds for me. I love seeing my family even if it is for a short period of time. It seriously made my day. My mom and grandma are coming to visit Sunday afternoon and I can’t wait!

Lesson Learned: Be grateful for your family everyday and let them know how much you love and appreciate them. Not everyone has their parents, grandparents, etc. and your family may not be around forever. Make the most out of every chance you get to spend with them.

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Today I am thankful for fellow bloggers. As I was browsing pinterest today, an article on cameras caught my eye. This particular article told me about an AMAZING website (or so it sounds) and I am so excited. After I try it out, I will definitely let you all know about the original article and my review of the website! I’m sorry I can’t tell you more now, but I want to make sure it is legit first.

Lesson Learned: I have discovered SO MANY new things through bloggers and youtubers. I strive to be helpful and inspiring like so many others have to me. The internet is a wonderful place full of incredible amounts of information. I want to be part of it and I will be. And if you want to then you can be too!

Friday, May 5th, 2017

Today I am thankful for children. I was babysitting for my boyfriend’s sister tonight and I absolutely love her 3 girls. They are so adorable and a lot of fun (usually). But for the first time tonight I noticed their innocence and the love they have for their mom. It is the most precious thing to see and I long for the day that someone depends and loves me in that way. Years and years from now, but I am very excited.

Lesson Learned: Kids can be difficult to deal with sometimes, to say the least. Even at their worst points, it is our job as a role model to show them love anyways. Teach them to be kind, hard-working, and to stay true to themselves. Children have such impressionable minds and are at such a crucial age. We need to take that seriously.

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Today I am thankful for relaxing yet busy days. My boyfriend and I spent the day doing small random things. We hung out with his aunt and cousin for a while. Did a little yard work. Ate a lot of food. And just spent the day with each other. It’s really nice to have days like this once in a while.

Lesson Learned: You don’t need to have major plans or spend a bunch of money to have a nice day with friends, family, or your significant other. Just spending time in each others company can be so enjoyable and refreshing. Cherish every moment you are able to spend with others because you never know when it is the last time.

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

Today I am thankful for family. My boyfriend and I spent most of the morning together, just the two of us. We got a ton of much-needed yard work done and played with the cats for too long. It was great.

Later in the day, my boyfriend’s sister and her 3 girls came over to hang out. We always enjoy seeing them and they have a blast coming over.

After they left, my mom and my grandma came over to see the yard and take me out for dinner. It was so nice seeing them and my grandma finally got to see my new house.

Lesson Learned: Similar to Wednesday but spending time with my family just reminds me how blessed I am to have them. Make the most out of every chance you get to spend with those you love!


What were you thankful for this week?

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xoxo Manda Mae <3

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