Beat Overwhelm, Take Back Control, and Crush Your Goals {Dreaming With Love}

Overwhelmed. Defeated. Uninspired.

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Do you want to beat overwhelm, take back control of your life, and get sh*t done?

Honestly, same.

We all experience overwhelm in our lives. It’s unavoidable especially if you have a busy schedule, which most of us do. Wanting to do a huge list of things, but having no time to do it?

Yeah, I feel that way every single day.

However, I have learned that you can’t have this kind of attitude if you want to be productive. It will make you feel defeated before you even start and you’ll lose all motivation. So if you feel this way often, I have some great tips to share with you that will guide you in the right direction in order to beat overwhelm and get sh*t done!

Beat Overwhelm, Take Back Control, and Crush Your Goals {Dreaming With Love}

Before you learn how to beat overwhelm, you need to identify the why.



Being unorganized is a great way to feel overwhelmed easily. Your mind is constantly racing and you have so much to do, but no plan or no clue where to start. Sound familiar?

Whether your entire life is unorganized or just part of it, this WILL contribute to the feeling of overwhelm.

If in the past you have been well-organized and now you aren’t, maybe it’s time to make a few changes to gain back some motivation. Change up your daily routines, get yourself a new planner, or start a new daily habit. Changing even the smallest thing may spark your motivation to get organized again.

Wanting Perfectionism

You need to accept that you are not perfect, you will never be perfect, and nothing you do will ever be perfect. If you strive for perfectionism, you will end up falling short, and you can’t let that discourage you.

Aim for your best possible, but know that your best is not perfect.

Priorities aren’t Defined

If you have a huge list of things to complete, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Especially if you don’t know which ones are more important to you than others. Knowing what your priorities are and what to complete first will help you feel more accomplished at the end of the day.

Too Many Things on your Mind

One of the main reasons we feel overwhelmed is because there are just too many things on our minds. Constantly new things come up and our mind is wandering from one to the next.

Beat Overwhelm, Take Back Control, and Crush Your Goals {Dreaming With Love}

Now that you have identified the reason you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are my best tips to beat overwhelm!


Take a Step Back, Make a List, and Prioritize It

First things first just take a step back from everything and set aside time to get yourself organized. Now make a list of everything you have to do, little or big put it on the list. At this point, you may feel worse because you’re seeing everything you have to do on paper.

I find it nice to put my things in categories (cleaning, school, work, etc.). The next important thing to do is number your list according to what are your top priorities. I also like to put the things that will take less than 5 minutes into a category. Personally, I do these first because crossing things off my list help motivate me to do more.

Plan Ahead

One huge way to avoid feeling overwhelmed is by planning ahead. I still need to work on this because I am always finishing things last-minute.

Planning ahead allows you to feel so much less stressed and overwhelmed. This isn’t always possible (if I do my dishes twice today, I’ll still have to do more tomorrow) but you should take advantage of it wherever you can in your life.

Take Small Steps

You won’t be able to completely turn your life around in one day, one week, or even one month. It will take time, a lot of time, to make a lifestyle change. Take small steps to get closer to where you want to be. If you try to change or do too much at once, this will cause even more of an overwhelming feeling.

So if you’re trying to be more organized start with making a daily to-do list. Once you have this down you can start planning out a week in advance. Then you can begin organizing specific parts of your life (cleaning routine, side hustles, etc.).

Work Smarter Not Harder

Yes I know, it’s cliché, but it’s true. Find ways to work smarter and be more productive.

Eliminate any and all distractions. Turn off the tv, put your cell phone in another room, disable email notifications and social media notifications, and get rid of anything else distracting.

Delegate any tasks that you can. Have the family help how with cleaning, cooking, and other chores around the house. If you’re overwhelmed with your business, consider hiring someone. In any parts of your life that you can delegate, take advantage of it.

Finally, pay more attention to how you’re managing your time. Are you spending it doing things that need to be done or are you wasting a lot of your time? Pay attention and fix what needs to be fixed.

Beat Overwhelm, Take Back Control, and Crush Your Goals {Dreaming With Love}

Find Your Passion and Make Work Fun or Find Motivation

Easier said than done, but if you enjoy doing your work it will be so much easier to do. Plus you won’t feel as overwhelmed if it’s less “work” and more “fun”. Remind yourself why you started and why you’re doing what you’re doing.

If it’s for something like cleaning or something else you truly don’t want to do, then create a reward. Write down some sort of reward you can have once you finish your tasks. Whether it’s something as small as a candy bar or something bigger like getting your hair done. Base the reward off of how large and time-consuming the task is.

Learn from your mistakes

My final tip for you is to learn from your mistakes during this entire process. I cannot stress how important it is to reflect on the things you’ve done! Check out this post for more information (it’s so important I have an entire post on it). Look back and see what worked, what didn’t work, and what you can change to make next time go smoother.

Reflecting and learning from your mistakes will help you avoid feeling as overwhelmed the next time life gets crazy.


I hope that these tips will help you next time you need to beat overwhelm and get sh*t done! I’d love to hear what your tips and strategies are for when overwhelm sneaks up and takes over.


<3 Manda Mae

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