February 2017 Monthly Goals

January Recap && February Goals {2017}

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I cannot believe that January is already over and we are heading into February 2017! So far 2017 has been treating me pretty well. I have so many plans for the rest of the year and am very excited for things to start happening! My February 2017 monthly goals will help me move closer to my overall goals!

How did your January 2017 go?

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way and all opinions are my own.

January 2017 Recap

Before reading my recap, make sure to check out what my January goals were!

1. Drink 5 or less sodas

Even though I kind of failed on this goal, it was much easier than I thought. I ended up having a total of 6 sodas so I am only allowing myself 4 for the month of February. I found myself drinking a lot more water and tea and rarely having cravings for sodas!

2. Become More Aware

I wanted to introduce myself to something new each week, but that didn’t happen. However I discovered two podcasts that I have been obsessed with and I highly recommend!

The first is Code Switch by NPR. It is a podcast about race and identity. It is extremely informative and I have already learned so much from it!

The second is Stuff Mom Never Told You. This podcast is by and for women! It is also super informative and I find myself relating to things I have never really thought about before.

These are both very entertaining as well which makes them more enjoyable to listen to!

3. At least 20 days of no biting my nails

EPIC FAIL! I didn’t have much hope for me on this one because I have tried countless times to stop biting my nails. So I thought gradually stopping would be best. However, I constantly forgot to keep track and ended up giving up. Next month I’m going to try to completely stop. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

4. Finish blog binder

It’s almost done! I just have a few finishing touches I need to make. I will finish it in February and plan on making a post on it as well!

5. Schedule February posts

Complete! The hard part now is to follow my schedule.

Dreaming With Love Recap

Starting a blog is so much more work than I ever imagined! There is constantly something else to learn. It takes up so much more time than I thought as well. I decided to break down certain areas of focus and to have a main one every week. I am constantly reminding myself that there is no way I can know it all right away. It is going to be a long long process of learning and improving everyday.

February 2017 Monthly Goals

1. Drink 4 or less sodas

I don’t think this is going to be a very hard goal for me. I’ll probably have about 1 soda a week. For anyone wanting to stop drinking soda, I recommend limiting yourself to less and less each month.

2. Become More Aware

Rather than introducing myself to something new every week, I am only going to do 2 a month. Every week was just too much and doesn’t allow me to really learn all I can from each new thing.

3. Finish Blog Binder (and make post)

I am almost done so this should be easily accomplished during this month! I am so happy with the results so far and I can’t wait to show you all.

4. Start a budget I can stick to

This will be hard for me. I am constantly creating new budgets that I stick to for a little while and then quit. I need a budget that I can actually stick with so that it can work for me. Let me know any recommendations you all have.

5. Start a 30-day Fitness Challenge

I really want to start doing 30 day challenges in fitness, mental health, and anything else they have them for. Towards the end of February I plan on starting a 30-day fitness challenge of some kind. Also I will make a post about it so you can follow along if you’d like. Again, let me know your recommendations!


I hope that you all had a wonderful January and that 2017 is treating you well so far. Do you have any February 2017 Monthly Goals??

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