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Ipsy Unboxing && Review {January 2017}

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My favorite time of the month, January 2017 Ipsy Unboxing! For those of you who have never heard of Ipsy, it is a monthly subscription. It costs $10 per month and in return you receive a makeup bag with 4-5 samples. I love it and it is almost always worth the $10! When you sign up they have you take a little quiz to give you products that you will like. Then each month you can review everything you’ve received so they can adjust what they send you. I highly recommend this monthly subscription!

*Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. All opinions are my own.

January 2017 Ipsy Unboxing and Review

I really like this month’s bag. I saw that so many people didn’t, but I think it is adorable and I LOVEEE the color! The material, I must admit, is quite weird and easily unlikable. It just doesn’t bother me that much and the cuteness makes up for it. I will be using this bag!

January 2017 Ipsy Unboxing 2

I received a beautiful blush from Mannakadar Beauty. It is a gorgeous pink/red color. I normally wouldn’t go for a color this dark, but I was very excited to give it a try!

When I Tried It:

First off, it may just be me, but I had a really hard time opening this packaging! Once I finally did, it has a very smooth consistency and was super easy to blend. The color isn’t my favorite, but it lasts all day. I’m excited to step out of my comfort zone and use this more often.

January 2017 Ipsy Unboxing 3

Next in my January 2017 Ipsy bag, I pulled out a Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask and Exfoliant by Pur-lisse! I am always excited to try a new skin product especially face masks! I use them really often so having a big variety is super nice!

When I Tried It:

 I didn’t have a chance to try this yet, but plan to soon. Check back soon to see my thoughts!

January 2017 Ipsy Unboxing 4

I received the “Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination™ Anti-Aging Concealer” by IT Cosmetics in the shade light. I was really excited when I pulled this out of the bag. I love IT Cosmetics and always love a new concealer! It was a pretty small size, but I will get a good amount of uses out of it.

When I Tried It: 

Sadly I’m very disappointed with this product. It is extremely sticky and quite hard to blend. There is barely any coverage and it isn’t very easy to build. I do however LOVE the color. It is very illuminating and gorgeous! I plan to use it as a natural looking highlighter rather than a concealer.

January 2017 Ipsy Unboxing 5

When I pulled the next item out of the bag I for sure thought it was an eye shadow. It is actually a bronzer by the Balm Cosmetics in the shade Bahama Mama. I love this color and may end up using it as an eye shadow anyways! I’m not a huge bronzer user, but it is also hard to find a shade I love so I’m excited to give this product a try.

When I Tried It:

 I love the color and it is so easy to blend! I used it on both my eyes and as a bronzer. It worked great for both! Very happy with this product!

January 2017 Ipsy Unboxing 6

Lately I have been obsessed with finding better face products to use. I received a face primer by Temptu and am so excited to try it out! I have pretty oily skin so finding the perfect primer is a struggle for me.

When I Tried It:

I love it! It smells amazing and it goes on feeling very light. It lasts throughout the day and keeps everything from sliding around! It didn’t quite work as an eye primer for me, but that’s not what its made for anyways. I will definitely be using and possibly repurchasing this item!

January 2017 Ipsy Unboxing 7

Overall I was very happy with this month’s Ipsy bag! I felt like the products were all pretty small compared to usual. However, I like the majority of the products and will be using most! I’ve definitely had better months, but I’ve also had worse!


Let me know if you did a January 2017 Ipsy Unboxing or what products you got  and your thoughts on them!


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