July Monthly Goals and Inspiration

Manda Monday: July 2017 Monthly Goals

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As I write this post, it is July 9th at 8:35PM, so I’m a little late… but oh well. July has already been a crazy busy month and there are so many July Monthly Goals I want to accomplish. I’ve been doing good so far and have been having a very positive month. Fingers crossed the positive vibes continue!!

For those of you who have been here before (here as in Dreaming With Love) or those of you who follow me on social media, you know Where I Have Been. If you don’t know, and would like to, check out this post here.


Always be a Goal Digger {Dreaming With Love July Monthly Goals}


  • Redesign Dreaming With Love Website

Some of you know that I have already started this process, but it is taking me longer than I had hoped. I still have a lot left that I want to do, I just have to do it. So keep your eyes open for some beautiful changes on Dreaming With Love <3

  • Start Newsletter

I have been saying that I want to start my newsletter forever, but it seriously needs to happen already. The sign-up will be up by the end of the month!

  • Plan an Email Freebie

I want to have a ton of email freebies for those of you who sign up for my newsletter. However, I have to start my newsletter first… But this month I want to at least plan my first email freebie so that I can design it next month!

  • Post Every Monday and Saturday

Especially every Saturday, but I won’t be too disappointed if I miss a Monday. Saturdays are for my less personal and more helpful posts. I’m lacking in numbers on those posts and they are the ones that attract new readers so I need to make them my priority this month.

I have been getting the best feedback from Twitter and Pinterest this month so I want to make them my priority. Next month I will be bringing back my instagram as well! I really enjoy connecting with others on Twitter, so if you haven’t already, go follow me on Twitter and Pinterest!!



  • Complete Daily Habits

I’ve started a checklist to keep track of some daily habits I want to start. I’ve heard it works well and I am excited to give it a try. I will let you all know how it goes!

  • Workout 3 times per week

This is going to be tough for me because I find excuses all the time… But I really want to try it! I’d be happy to lose a few pounds, but I mainly just want to tone up and be healthier.

Indie Boy {Dreaming With Love July Monthly Goals}

  • Walk Indie Everyday

So we kind of have a dog at the moment… and his name is Indie. I made it a goal to take him for a walk everyday, at least once. He needs to burn the energy, its healthy for me, and it gets us both outside.

  • Read 30 Minutes 2 times per week

I love reading but I never make time to do it. I’d love to get back to reading every day, but that’s just not realistic right now. But I think can do 2 times a week!

  • Cook Dinner 4 times per week

I don’t really enjoy cooking, but if I don’t cook I end up eating unhealthy foods. I am going to try really hard to cook supper at least 4 times each week.

  • New Recipe once a week

Since I moved out of my parents, I have learned to cook a lot of different things. However, I still feel as if I’m making the same things over and over. I need more variety and I love discovering new recipes that are easy to make and delicious to eat! If you have any suggestions please let me know!

  • Pamper Night once a week

Self care is such an important thing to do yet it falls low on my list of priorities all too often. I want to make time once a week for about an hour to take a bath, do a facial, body scrub, deep condition my hair, or just to relax with a book. If I don’t schedule out time for it then I won’t ever get to it.

  • Complete 2 Deep Cleaning Tasks per week

I have started a deep cleaning log where I track what things in my house need to be deep cleaned and when they last were. My goal is to complete at least two tasks off of my deep cleaning log every week. They range from small to big projects so it should be easily done. Plus I love completing something off a list and I love having a clean home. (:


Check back in the end of July/beginning of August for my July Monthly Goals Recap along with my monthly goals for August! Also let me know what some of your July monthly goals are!!

Never Give Up and Always Work Hard

<3 Manda Mae

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