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Where Have I Been? {Life Update and Refocusing}

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Hello my sweet little pumpkins <3 

I know, I know. I’ve been gone for WAY too long. Let me explain.

If you follow me on social media then you have an idea of where I have been (also thank you SO much for your support). If you don’t follow me on social media, what are you doing with your life? Go follow me. I’ll wait <3

Now I have a question for all of you…

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by life that you just can’t do it anymore?

I’m sure you have, but you probably handled it much better than myself. Lately my anxiety has been out of control and I have been feeling overwhelmed so frequently. My first instinct is to just drop everything and focus on something else entirely. This might be okay if I didn’t feel this way multiple times a day.

But anyways, this overwhelming feeling hit me so hard because I was putting way too much pressure on myself and Dreaming With Love. It was unhealthy and out of control. I felt I had no other option, but to take a step back and reflect.

&& I am SO happy I did.

Along with the overwhelm, the universe literally made it so clear to me that I needed a break. First my website expired and I planned on renewing it when I got home from work. However, when I made it home I found out that our new puppy decided to chew up my laptop charger. (WHY ARE MACBOOK CHARGERS $80?!) It was just so clear to me that I needed to take some time off, re-focus, reflect, and pay more attention to my self-care, so I did.



  • The Purpose of Dreaming With Love

One of things I wanted to focus on during this month was my exact purpose and future goals for Dreaming With Love. I narrowed down the topics I want to focus on and feel so much more confident now.

In the beginning I knew I wanted a blog and I wanted to help people with it. Now I know exactly what I want to help people with and how I am going to do it. I talk more about this at the end of this post (:

  • Being Genuine is SO Important

This isn’t a new idea to me. I’ve heard it over and over in the blogging community, but for some reason this time help has helped me understand it better. Some of the topics I want to write on eventually, I currently have little knowledge about. I want to live the tips and tricks I give to you all. So from now on the posts I publish will be a reflection of my own life. I want to incorporate everything into my life (or at least try to) before I publish the post to all of you.

Keeping it real and being 100% myself is now (and always should have been) my top priority for Dreaming With Love.

  • I’m not perfect and I NEVER will be, but that’s okay.

This stems off of the idea of being genuine. It’s so easy to try to paint this picture of the perfect life, but it’s not real and it’s not as helpful.

I also realized that I put way too much pressure on myself to be on every social media platform everyday, follow my posting schedule, get the perfect pictures, etc. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to have everything perfect so when I failed, I would get so down on myself. This just made it harder to keep going.

I’m learning that I will never be perfect, I will make mistakes all the time, and it will still all be okay. <3


My plan from here on out is to really live by the rule of “Quality over Quantity”. I’ve heard this over and over, but for some reason it’s importance never clicked with me until recently. When I first started blogging, I had a lot of blog posts written, but they were mostly crap. I knew that I wanted to post a lot so I wouldn’t take enough time on each post. In reality I had bad or no pictures, short posts, unoriginal ideas, and the writing was not showing my personality.

ALL of that is going to change!

I am going to (and have already started to) write long, informative, and fun posts with exciting and beautiful pictures. I am going to write about things that I truly care about, enjoy, or want to learn more about. Dreaming With Love will be 100% real (not that it was ever fake though).

I want to post 2 to 3 times a week, but if I don’t then I don’t. I cannot put that pressure on myself again because it takes away the fun and passion of blogging. One of my posts each week will be part of a new series:


On Manda Mondays I will have more personal posts for my readers that not only want to be educated, but also want to get to know me. I will have monthly favorites, goals, updates, posts about my pets, beauty, fashion, and anything else my little heart desires. (:

Another post will be on Saturday at 5pm central and will be more of a helpful post (but still a lot of fun). This will be a post that falls more under the purpose of Dreaming With Love which is

to help people live their lives to the fullest every single day. To inspire others to follow their dreams and never settle for anything less. Lastly to teach others the joy of living a purposeful life.

These posts will fall under the categories of living a positive life, a frugal life, and a healthy life.


A HUGE thank you to everyone that continued to support me while I kinda disappeared for a while. This community is amazing and I couldn’t continue on without each and every one of you <3 I am so excited for the future of Dreaming With Love and I’d love to have you all along for the ride! Talk to you soon

<3 Manda Mae

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